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Welcome to Prince Center for the Visually Impaired where we put your vision and well-being first. We invite you to peruse our company and low vision resources and information.


We work with pre/post-surgery clients from eye care facilities, stroke rehab facilities, hospitals, nursing Homes, assistive living facilities, school districts, independent with multiple eye conditions, and VA facilities.

To improve your activity of daily living skills (ADLS), pursue educational goals, find a rewarding career, and/or contribute to the quality of your living situation, PCVI is the right choice for you. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

We will help you carry out daily activities to manage your lives more efficiently within your environment, and to reach full potential for independence, self-esteem, and productivity. After one week of training, you will master the complex skills needed to successfully live independently:

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 12.52.24 PM.png
  • Managing Finances

  • Handling Transportation (Driving or Navigating Public Transit)

  • Shopping

  • Preparing Meals

  • Using the Telephone and Other Communication Devices

  • Managing Medications

  • Housework and Basic Home Maintenance

Our Independent Living Skills (ILS) training is designed for persons who lose their vision late in life, but is threaded through all our program services. Our training provides our clients with improved ability to perform activities of daily living adapted for people with vision impairment.

For non-working adults, relearning how to navigate your surroundings is vital in maintaining your independence despite loss of vision or blindness. Tasks such as pouring liquids, labeling personal and household items, cooking, and getting the mail can be done with less frustration.

Participants of our ILS training programs receive adjustment to self-advocacy skills and blindness counseling that empower them to interact more effectively with family and friends, employers, and the community.

For working-age adults, learning how to maintain your job responsibilities and to provide for your family are critical. Our ILS training includes crossover interaction with PCVI Access Technology training, which teaches you how to learn adaptive technology tools that will help maintain your skills in computer applications and communications, checking emails, and keeping up with your professional life and career.

We are university-trained professionals who work specifically with individuals who are blind, visually impaired, or have low vision.

Our highly qualified, experienced, licensed, and certified vision professionals will assess your abilities, needs, and desires, as well as teach you instructional strategies useful for living with blindness and vision impairments.


At PCVI, a multidisciplinary team of voluntary doctors (MD, OD) and vision rehabilitative specialists will work closely with you, your family, friends, and the referring doctor to assist you in regaining functions lost by visual impairment. This typically includes addressing vision issues that cause problems with driving, reading, and activities of daily living.

At PCVI, our low vision specialists will accurately measure how your vision works in the real world – how it functions in your daily living. It's not only about scoring high in an eye chart, but also seeing faces, street signs, newspaper prints, stove dials, and all the other visual clues that guide you through the day.

“Do not assume that the only thing you can do is get your glasses adjusted. If you still have trouble seeing, do not assume that's just the way it is," said Dr. Prince, vision rehabilitation professional at our facility.

You don't need to wait until you are legally blind to benefit from our services. Please contact us at (516) 200-3850 for an appointment or download any of the exam registration forms today.

If you want a reliable or extensive visual rehabilitation program following eye surgery, PCVI is the right choice for you or your organization.

Our low vision exam will help you use your functional vision more effectively. Our vision professional team will provide the information needed in order to help you adapt emotionally to your vision loss.

Our low vision exam is about rehabilitation and finding new ways to accomplish daily tasks – whether it’s writing a grocery list; watching grandchildren play soccer, basketball, or golf; or reading a menu in a restaurant.

Our typical low vision evaluation involves a functional assessment that includes a low vision refraction and prescription of magnifiers, telescopes, and assistive technology as appropriate. Additionally, we offer visual skills training such as eccentric viewing and blindness skills at our facility or at your daily living place.

We do not have minimum vision requirements for our low vision service, but we work with all patients who have functional impairment because of an eye disease or condition.

Many patients don’t know what to expect on their first visit to the eye doctor’s office for an eye exam in the five borough areas of New York. At the PCVI Facility, we don’t leave you guessing — you can bet you’ll receive an unmatched level of customer service, patient-centered care, state-of-the-art technology, and the undivided attention of some of the best low vision rehabilitation professionals in the eye care industry.

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