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System Vario PLUS is the illuminated stand magnifier system with the most varied selection of illumination options and magnifications making System Vario Plus the most successful illuminated magnifier series ever.
It includes optimal illumination of the reading material is ensured by the bright light source and enclosed magnifier heads. The System Vario PLUS' round lens head with a diameter greater then 58 mm are fitted with a retractable, red reading line for improved line-by-line reading orientation. All rectangular magnifier lens heads are fitted with a retractable, segment-shaped additional lens of 4dpt. In addition, all magnifiers are calculated for a uniform eye-to-image distance (aE) of 400 mm (approx. 2.5 dpt. addition) and the magnification/dioptric value/ideal eye-lens distance is printed on all lens heads. The System Vario PLUS as a large, easy-to-use on/off switch, which makes it easy to handle.
Also available for purchase are two illuminating handles are available for selection of the most appropriate illumination.

System varioPLUS

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