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Founded in June 9, 2015, the Prince Center for the Visually Impaired (PCVI) is a 501c (3) nonprofit corporation located in Long Island, New York.

At PCVI, our main focus is to provide and enhance the quality of life of individuals with visual impairment, particularly in areas that are underserved regarding low vision services in the Long Island - Queens - Brooklyn communities of New York.

Throughout our medical and paramedical exams performed for clients located in the five borough areas of New York, we experienced almost every day the effect of the gaps and shortage of low vision services for population in the Long Island - Queens - Brooklyn areas. 80% of our clientele is over 75 years old and 68% of them need the assistance of a family member or a home health aide with their daily living activities.

When our medical team (nurses and physicians) go to their homes to complete a medical exam, they are obligated to use large print applications or optical character recognition (optical character reader or OCR) device to better assist them with following up of results of blood test and medications. PCVI has the resources needed to help these patients regain function and maximize their usable vision in developing skills and strategies that will help them remain safe, independent, and active at any stage in life.

PCVI’s multidisciplinary staff is made up of voluntary ophthalmologists, optometrists, family care physicians, nurses (NP, RN, LPN), social workers, certified low vision specialists, vision rehabilitation therapists, orientation and mobility specialists, teachers of visual impairments, and behavioral and speech therapists.

The multidisciplinary team develops strategies that help patients with visual impairment or blindness to achieve goals such as daily and independent living skills (reading, identifying street signs and bus numbers, watching television, managing household, cooking and accomplishing job-related tasks, and keeping up with school work.)

At PCVI, we care about your vision, and will work with you to help you understand your diagnosis or eye-related condition.




550 W Merrick road, suite #3

Valley Stream, NY 11580


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